New EPA Water Quality Tools

New EPA Discharge Pollutant Loading Tool

EPA’s new Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Pollutant Loading Tool calculates pollutant loadings from from EPA‘s Permit Compliance System (PCS) and Integrated Compliance Information System for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (ICIS-NPDES). This tool ranks dischargers, industries, and watersheds based on pollutant mass and toxicity, and presents “top ten” lists to help users determine which discharges are important, which facilities and industries are producing these discharges, and which watersheds are impacted.  State drinking water programs can access these tools to determine pollutant sources and types in drinking water supply areas.

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EPA Launches Website of Tools to Compare Restorability of Impaired Waters

EPA has announced the release of a new website, “Recovery Potential Screening:  Tools for Comparing Impaired Waters Restorability.”   This website provides a systematic approach for comparing waters or watersheds and identifying differences in how well they may respond to restoration.  The three main website components include:  step-by-step instructions in recovery potential screening; a link to several online tools and resources that are used in recovery potential screening; and a library of recovery potential indicators with technical information on how ecological, stressor, and social factors influence restorability, and how to measure them.  State drinking water programs will want to reach out to their Clean Water Act counterparts to ensure that drinking water supplies are included when prioritizing watersheds for restoration.

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