Agricultural Source Water Protection Lessons Now Online for High School Students

The FFA (formerly Future Farmers of America) has now posted 20 source water protection lessons for high school agricultural science students on its website.  The lessons are available to FFA’s network of over one million high school agriculture science students and their instructors.  The lessons are linked to National Science Education Standards for Grades 9-12, and contain hands-on and remedial activities, supplemental web and community resources, assessments, and community stewardship opportunities. Content covered includes the water cycle, drinking water basics, the watershed approach, and agricultural conservation practices to protect water quality.

The lessons are the product of a USDA-EPA partnership with FFA and a Project Advisory Committee that included members from: USDA (Natural Resources Conservation Service, Farm Service Agency, National Institute of Food and Agriculture), EPA (Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water and Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds), US Geological Survey, The Groundwater Foundation, and the National Association of Conservation Districts.  The University of Wisconsin’s Environmental Resources Center provided significant educational content.

FFA will be promoting the lessons through several of their vehicles and venues.  State drinking water programs may also want to promote these lessons for educators in their state using the FFA Curriculum Flyer 2012 and sharing the website link at

Please direct your questions to Sylvia Malm of EPA at or 202-564-3889.


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