EPA SepticSmart Program Promotes Good Homeowner Practices

EPA has just launched its national SepticSmart program to promote proper septic system care and maintenance by homeowners. SepticSmart was developed by EPA in cooperation with its public and private sector partners, and will serve as an online resource for industry practitioners and local governments, providing access to tools to help educate their clients and residents.  As nearly one quarter of all households in the United States depend on septic systems, these tools serve to promote good homeowner practices such as regularly scheduling inspections of the system, preventative measures such as not pouring cooking grease down the drain, and water conservation efforts to reduce septic system failures and help prolong the life of their systems.  To view the toolbox of downloadable materials including educational postcards, door hangers, and homeowner guides (in English and Spanish), visit the SepticSmart web page at: www.epa.gov/septicsmart.


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