WHEAT Consequence Analysis Tool Training Webinars Now Available

EPA’s Water Security Division has prepared a series of webinars on the updated (2.0) version of the Water Health & Economic Analysis Tool (WHEAT) for both drinking water and wastewater utilities.  The webinar series topics focus on the specific drinking water and wastewater modules of WHEAT.

WHEAT is a generalized (threat neutral) consequence analysis tool that can assist in quantifying human health and economic consequences for a variety of threat scenarios that pose a significant risk to the water sector.  WHEAT allows for the analysis of two types of scenarios for drinking water systems: 1) a hazardous gas release; and 2) the loss of operating assets. WHEAT helps utilities to better understand and quantify the public health and economic consequences of potential incidents.

WHEAT software for drinking water utilities is available free of charge on EPA’s website at   http://yosemite.epa.gov/ow/SReg.nsf/description/WHEAT.

See the attached calendar for webinar dates, topics, and descriptions. Click on the register button to enroll in each webinar.  If you need assistance, please contact WHEAThelp@epa.gov with questions or concerns.



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