EPA Offers Numerous Climate-Related Tools and Opportunities

This article was posted in ASDWA’s Security Notes blog. Preparing for climate change is included in emergency response planning for extreme weather events and also for sustaining source water supplies. If interested in this and other security topics, please consider subscribing to ASDWA’s Security Notes blog.

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The following offers a range of tools, videos, and workgroup initiatives of interest to states and water utilities in their collective efforts to become more climate aware and better prepared for extreme weather events.  All of the resources below can be accessed here:   www.epa.gov/climatereadyutilities


EPA has posted a video online featuring the Waynesboro Water System of Tennessee, which illustrates the system’s efforts to become more climate ready and showcases the adaptive measures implemented to build resilience during extreme events.

Climate Resilience Evaluation and Awareness Tool (CREAT) 2.0 Highlights

In February 2013, EPA and the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) conducted a CREAT 2.0 assessment of overall risks to the SNWA system and identified opportunities for adaptation. Focus areas included drought, population growth, and short-term and long-term adaptation packages, such as demand management and aquifer recharge.  A report documenting the process and lessons learned with SNWA is available now…

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