NOAA’s New 4-D Global Forecast System Upgrade

NOAA has made another upgrade to the US Global Forecast System (GFS) using new supercomputers.  While last year’s upgrade more than doubled the resolution for more precise weather forecasts and warnings, this upgrade uses a new fourth (4-D) time dimension to predict how weather systems evolve on a 3-D spatial grid over time.  It also increases hourly forecasting time intervals and future forecasting out to 16 days. These enhanced features will help decision-makers (including states and water utilities), emergency managers, and others better prepare for storm events.  In addition, this upgrade will allow the GFS to make use of new satellites expected to launch later this year, that together can provide images of weather patterns and severe storms as frequently as every 30 seconds.  For more information, visit the web site or contact Maureen O’Leary of NOAA at or 301-427-9000.


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