New SWC Learning Exchange Resources on Source Water Protection and Emergency Planning


As part of the Source Water Collaborative’s (SWC) ongoing Learning Exchange, the website now provides a series of new resources to help link source water protection to emergency planning. This was a key recommended action identified in the SWC’s Call to Action, and is part of an effort, along with the June 6th webinar, to share a set of comprehensive resources on this topic.

The new SWC Learning Exchange Resources include:

  • June 6th Webinar Recording: The recorded webinar from June 6th that shares lessons learned from the November 2016 spill on the Potomac River and how to improve planning for emergency preparedness and response, featuring speakers from Association of State Drinking Water Administrators (ASDWA), Fairfax Water and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.
  • Early Warning Systems: A featured story on Pennsylvania’s early warning systems.
  • Resource Links: Links to resources such as a methodology from the Water Research Foundation for locating and managing dynamic potential contaminant data, U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Health-Based Screening Levels, and much more.

To view these and other resources, visit the SWC Learning Exchange webpage at:






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